Vol. 4 No. 4 (2023): OUTUBRO | DEZEMBRO

Published: 2023-12-29

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Genetics and Oncology: It Takes Two to Tango

Marta Amorim
Views: 88 | Downloads: 98 PDF

Cardio-Oncology: To Enable Cancer Treatment while Minimizing Cardiovascular Toxicity

Andreia Magalhães, António Arsénio
Views: 67 | Downloads: 112 PDF

Theranostics: Are We at a Turning Point for Nuclear Medicine?

Francisco Norton Brandão, Miguel Barbosa
Views: 94 | Downloads: 126 PDF

The Role of Nurses and Healthcare Technicians in Oncology

João Prata, Lino Pinto
Views: 104 | Downloads: 246 PDF

The Future Of Prostate Cancer Screening

Miguel Almeida, Daniela Macedo, Rui Santos Lúcio
Views: 64 | Downloads: 84 PDF

The Importance of Building a Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT) Clinic

Joana Augusto, Ricardo Pinto, Miguel Barbosa, Sérgio Barroso
Views: 109 | Downloads: 159 PDF

Breast Cancer Screening: Lusíadas Individualized Approach

Ana Paula Vasconcelos, Claudia Bilber, Jorge Ferreira, Paulo Cortes
Views: 148 | Downloads: 199 PDF

Patient Referral to Palliative Care Using Artificial Intelligence Prediction Models

Abel Abejas, Mariana Paulino Ferreira de Castro
Views: 128 | Downloads: 120 PDF

Total Neoadjuvant Therapy In Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: A New Approach

Ana Pissarra, Joana Luis, Daniela Macedo, Pedro Chinita, Nuno Figueiredo
Views: 76 | Downloads: 86 PDF

Sarcomatoid Variant of Urothelial Carcinoma Arising from a Bladder Diverticulum

Rita Nobre Lucas, David Joffe Botelho