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Myomatous Erythrocytosis Syndrome, a Curable Cause of Erythrocytosis: Case Report

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Manuel G. Costa
Sara Proença
Helena Oliveira
Hysterectomy, Leiomyoma, Polycythemia, Uterine Neoplasms


Leiomyomata are frequent in women in reproductive age. They are usually associated with uterine bleeding and anemia. Leyomyomata are associated with increased production of erythropoietin. We present a case of a 45 years-old woman who presented at the emergency unit with pelvic pain. She had a large uterine mass and erythropoietin-mediated erythrocytosis, which resolved after surgical removal. The surgical pathology report confirmed the diagnosis of leiomyomata. Myomatous erythrocytosis syndrome is a curable cause of erythrocytosis that has been reported to be infrequent.

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Manuel G. Costa


Internal Medicine Department, Hospital de Cascais Dr. José de Almeida


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