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Egg Freezing and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Francisco Botelho
Constança Lopes
Andrea Costa
Daniela Sobral
Sónia Jorge
Cryopreservation, Fertility Preservation, Reproductive techniques, assisted, Sperm injections, intracytoplasmic


Egg freezing has evolved over the last decades, becoming an accepted and recognized technique for fertility preservation. This technique has various medical and non-medical indications and besides this, is becoming an important step in overcoming age-related declines in fertility. Nonetheless, since it remains inadequately understood by the general public and medical professionals, raising its awareness is of vital importance. There are numerous factors that influence the technique’s success, particularly the  number of matured eggs retrieved and the woman’s age, which affects the quantity and quality of oocytes. Women were prompted to more seriously contemplate social egg freezing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, given that social isolation complicated their search for an ideal male partner and allowed for more time to consider and research this topic.

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