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5S in Pediatrics, Organize to Care

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Patrícia Dias


The healthcare providers are under constant pressure to reduce costs, although the major goal is combine cost reducing with the improvement of the services, security patient, the decreasing of errors and associated litigation.
To address similar problems that have arisen in the automotive industry, Takashi Osada in the beginnings of the 80’s created and applied in the Toyota producing line a work methodology called Lean [1].
The Lean methodology is about creating increased value for patients by eliminating wasteful activities, is a quality improvement tool that requires the commitment throughout the organization.
When well executed the Lean methodology, changes how the organization works and creates continuous daily improvement.
Many international institutions that work in quality of health care, like Joint Commission International had published about the benefits of applying the Lean methodology in health care facilities.
The Lean methodology, specifically the 5S tool, was implemented in the pediatric ward of a private Hospital in Lisbon, a respiratory care car was created for the care of hospitalized children.

1. Enfermeira no UAU de Pediatria, Hospital dos Lusiadas, Lisboa, Portugal

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